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We Have The Chance Now To Go Bold On Health Care – And Freedom – For All

Common Dreams - Thu, 03/23/2017 - 09:51
LeeAnn Hall

The House of Representatives is slated to vote Thursday on a health care repeal bill that will gut the Affordable Care Act and end Medicaid as we know it. In legislative and human terms, passage of the bill would set us back not to 2009 but to 1964.

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Alicia Bannon on Bloomberg Law Brief: Neil Gorsuch

Brennan Center - Thu, 03/23/2017 - 09:14
Alicia Bannon on Bloomberg Law Brief: Neil GorsuchMarch 23, 2017 v2 (1).mp3

Brennan Center's Alicia Bannon joined "Bloomberg Law Brief" to discuss the third day of Neil Gorsuch's Senate confirmation hearings.

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The Mosque That Disappeared

Common Dreams - Thu, 03/23/2017 - 09:05
Robert C. Koehler

We committed a quiet little war crime the other day. Forty-plus people are dead, taken out with hellfire missiles while they were praying.

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Why The Resistance Must Do More Than Resist

Common Dreams - Thu, 03/23/2017 - 08:58
Ira Chernus

The resistance is a huge movement—yuge! At least that’s how it feels when you are in it. And it’s true that the United States has not seen anything like this since the Vietnam war days. Still, Trump and the Republicans in Washington roll on, with some new horror every day. Maybe the resistance isn’t yuge enough yet.

It has plenty of chance to grow, though. The potential is clearly there. Let’s look at the numbers.

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Stubborn Facts and the Lies That Kill Democracy

Common Dreams - Thu, 03/23/2017 - 08:44
Ralph Nader

It is not just Donald Trump whose rhetoric is chronically bereft of reality. Politicians, reporters, commentators and academics are often similarly untethered to hard facts, albeit not for narcissistic enjoyment. There are many patterns of fact, relevant to a subject being discussed, that are off the table—either consciously or because they are deemed inconvenient. Rarely are there omissions due to the facts being hard to get or inaccessible.

That in mind, here are a few examples that warrant our scrutiny:

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Have We Gone As Low As We Can Go Yet (Please)? Capitol Police Arrest Unseemly Disabled Protesters Who Seem To Think They Have A Right to Health Care

Common Dreams - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 21:37
Abby Zimet, staff writer

With Congress about to vote on TrumpCare - aka "Why Would Poor, Sick or Elderly People Need Health Care Anyway? - the empathy-rich GOP figured they had to silence 54 disabled activists in unsightly wheelchairs who occupied the Capitol Rotunda to argue they may die without care and to chant, "Ho ho, hey hey, my Medicaid has got to stay." Capitol police arrested the members of ADAPT under a D.C. law against "Crowding, Obstructing or Incommoding," because Amurica.

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Texas Program is Turning Thousands of Ex-Cons Into Entrepreneurs

Brennan Center - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 18:51
Texas Program is Turning Thousands of Ex-Cons Into EntrepreneursWednesday, March 22, 2017 - 6:45pmMedia Source: CNBCTexas Program is Turning Thousands of Ex-Cons Into Entrepreneurs
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'Beyond Irregular': GOP Intel Chair Under Fire for Bizarre Trump Briefing

Common Dreams - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 18:17
Jon Queally, staff writer

The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday said the "beyond irregular" behavior of the committee's Republican chairman has "underscored the imperative of an independent investigation" into Russian interference in last year's election—comments that capped off a series of explosive Capitol Hill developments surrounding a controversy that refuses to die.

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Exxon Ordered to Recover 'Wayne Tracker' Emails It Claims Are Lost

Common Dreams - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 16:49
Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A New York State judge on Wednesday ordered ExxonMobil to turn over a year's worth of emails it now admits it lost from an alias account used by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson when he was CEO of the company—a "bombshell" revelation, according to a lawyer for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who's investigating the oil giant's climate cover-up.

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Senate Might Let Internet Companies Sell User Data to 'Highest Bidder'

Common Dreams - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 16:30
Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Senate is set to vote this week whether to let broadband companies sell user information to the highest bidder—overturning rules implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and possibly banning the agency from passing similar restrictions in the future.

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Beware Trump’s Phony ‘Terror’ List

Brennan Center - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 15:38
Beware Trump’s Phony ‘Terror’ ListFaiza PatelMarch 22, 2017

As a senator, Jeff Sessions had a history of falsely inflating the count of foreign nationals supposedly involved in terrorism. Now, he wants to do much more of that as attorney general.

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Coal in 'Freefall' Worldwide, Report Finds

Common Dreams - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 15:25
Nika Knight, staff writer

The coal industry is in "freefall" worldwide, the latest annual survey from environmental groups Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and CoalSwarm finds.

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Two Months In, Trump Breaking Every Vow to 'Drain the Swamp': Report

Common Dreams - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 15:13
Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Surprising no one, a new report out Wednesday finds that President Donald Trump has broken his campaign promise to "drain the swamp" at every turn, and has instead turned the government over to corporate interests and enriched his bottom line.

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Citing FBI Probe of Trump, Democrats Told to 'Declare National Emergency'

Common Dreams - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 15:05
Jon Queally, staff writer

Documentary filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore on Wednesday said it's time for the Democratic Party in Congress to "declare a National Emergency" and put a stop to all legislative activity—including the confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch—until the FBI completes its investigation into possible ties between members of President Donald Trump's campaign and alleged interference by the Russian government in last year's U.S. election.

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US Bombing Blamed for Killing Dozens of Civilians Sheltering in Syrian School

Common Dreams - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 14:56
Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S.-led coalition targeting the Islamic State (ISIS) is being blamed for an airstrike on a school where families had sought shelter near the northern Syrian town of Raqqa.

The monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 33 people died as a result of the Tuesday strike.

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Beware Trump's Phony 'Terror' List

Brennan Center - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 14:46
Beware Trump's Phony 'Terror' ListWednesday, March 22, 2017 - 2:45pmMedia Source: The Daily BeastBeware Trump's Phony 'Terror' List
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Real-Time Face Recognition Threatens to Turn Cops' Body Cameras Into Surveillance Machines

Brennan Center - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 14:46
Real-Time Face Recognition Threatens to Turn Cops' Body Cameras Into Surveillance MachinesWednesday, March 22, 2017 - 2:45pmMedia Source: The InterceptReal-Time Face Recognition Threatens to Turn Cops' Body Cameras Into Surveillance Machines
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Gorsuch’s First Casualty Could Be The Filibuster

Brennan Center - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 14:42
Gorsuch’s First Casualty Could Be The Filibuster Victoria Bassetti March 22, 2017

If Democrats mount a futile filibuster to Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation, the result could be the end of the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees. That would be a mistake.

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Immigrant Food Factory Workers Threatened with Mass Termination Choose Resistance

Common Dreams - Wed, 03/22/2017 - 14:30

Workers, elected officials and community supporters rallied outside Tom Cat Bakery Wednesday to protest the threatened mass firing of dozens of immigrant workers following a Department of Homeland Security investigation. As members of a non-profit organization called Brandworkers, the workers decided to stand united and call for resistance from around the country.

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