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Texas Group That Fueled Trump Voter Fraud Claim Scales Back 2016 Election Audit

Brennan Center - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 10:39
Texas Group That Fueled Trump Voter Fraud Claim Scales Back 2016 Election AuditWednesday, June 21, 2017 - 10:45amMedia Source: Texas TribuneTexas Group That Fueled Trump Voter Fraud Claim Scales Back 2016 Election Audit
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Keeping Russia Out of the Voting Booth

Brennan Center - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 10:38
Keeping Russia Out of the Voting BoothThursday, June 22, 2017 - 10:30amMedia Source: The American ProspectKeeping Russia Out of the Voting Booth
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Majority of U.S. Inmates Don’t Get Mental-Health Treatment, Study Finds

Brennan Center - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 10:36
Majority of U.S. Inmates Don’t Get Mental-Health Treatment, Study FindsThursday, June 22, 2017 - 10:30amMedia Source: The Daily BeastMajority of U.S. Inmates Don’t Get Mental-Health Treatment, Study Finds
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Embracing Need for 'WWII Style Mobilization,' California Set to Go Big on Climate

Common Dreams - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 10:26
Jake Johnson, staff writer

Following news that legislation aiming to power California solely with renewable energy by 2045 passed the state Senate, bestselling author Naomi Klein joined Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz and community leaders on Wednesday in calling for a "World War II-scale mobilization" to combat climate change and lead the way in developing environmentally safe technology.

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'There Will Be Hell to Pay': Writing History in the Trump Era

Common Dreams - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 10:25
Andrew Bacevich

Forgive me for complaining, but recent decades have not been easy ones for my peeps. I am from birth a member of the WHAM tribe, that once proud, but now embattled conglomeration of white, heterosexual American males. We have long been -- there’s no denying it -- a privileged group.  When the blessings of American freedom get parceled out, WHAMs are accustomed to standing at the head of the line. Those not enjoying the trifecta of being white, heterosexual, and male get what’s left. 

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Single-Payer Healthcare for California Is, In Fact, Very Doable

Common Dreams - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 10:12
Robert Pollin

The California Senate recently voted to pass a bill that would establish a single-payer healthcare system for the entire state. The proposal, called the Healthy California Act, will now be taken up by the state Assembly.

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How This Supreme Court Case Will Affect the Next Election

Brennan Center - Thu, 06/22/2017 - 09:48
How This Supreme Court Case Will Affect the Next ElectionThomas WolfJune 22, 2017

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear argument this fall in a potentially landmark partisan-gerrymandering case from Wisconsin.

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Admitting His Contempt, Trump Says 'Poor Person' Shouldn't Run Economy

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 23:29
Jon Queally, staff writer

The former president of Goldman Sachs, that's who you want running things. Not poor people.

So said President Donald Trump Wednesday night during a campaign-style rally in Iowa.

And for a guy who campaigned on being a champion of regular folks, it was perhaps his most brazen admission to date regarding his opinion of low-income people, or those simply not wealthy.

"I love all people, rich or poor," President Trump said, but in positions like Commerce Secretary, now headed by billionaire Wilbur Ross, "I just don't want a poor person."

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Senators Press Trump Officials for More Details on Russian Hacking

Brennan Center - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:51
Senators Press Trump Officials for More Details on Russian HackingWednesday, June 21, 2017 - 4:45pmMedia Source: BloombergSenators Press Trump Officials for More Details on Russian Hacking
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Facing Deportation for Showing Up to Work

Jobs With Justice - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:48

This weekend, instead of celebrating Father’s Day with their children and family, beloved fathers and longtime U.S. residents Hugo Mejia and Rodrigo Nunez spent the special day in a detention center near Oakland, California.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has held Hugo and Rodrigo in immigration custody since May 3. That morning, their employer sent them to work on a new construction project at a hospital on the Travis Air Force Base. At the base, a military official detained and reported them to immigration officers. Now they fear the worst: that the federal government will deport them at any point and tear them away from their families and communities.

The devoted family men call California home and have lived in the United States for more than 15 years. Hugo is a foreman at S&R Drywall and a member of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) and Rodrigo is a member of the Carpenter Union Local 713. The construction workers are local volunteers with deep community ties. Hugo lives in San Rafael with his wife, Yadira and his three young kids. His eldest children have been granted protection from deportation through DACA, and his youngest is a U.S. citizen.  He volunteers at his children’s school. Rodrigo lives in Hayward with his wife and his three young kids, all of whom are U.S. citizens. He is an assistant coach for his son Sebastian’s baseball team who also volunteers at his church.

Argued Hugo, “We don’t take anything from this country. On the contrary, we give to this country. It’s not fair to deport us.”

None of these facts have compelled the local ICE field office director to stop their expedited deportation cases or release Hugo and Rodrigo. ICE has full discretion to discharge them from custody so they can reunite with their families while reviewing their cases.

The Trump administration’s ramped up immigration policies could result in more of our friends and neighbors getting separated from their families as a result of reporting to work. Hugo and Rodrigo deserve to watch their children grow up and thrive.

If ICE deports Hugo and Rodrigo, everything that have worked to achieve to sustain their families could be taken away. And the loved ones they leave behind will experience an emotional and economic toll. The Urban Institute and Migration Policy Institute study found that a father’s deportation causes a family’s income to drop an average of 73 percent.

Hugo’s and Rodrigo’s detainment has caused a widespread outcry among labor, faith, and community groups, and elected officials. Jobs With Justice and our network of coalitions are supporting a #FreeHugo&Rodrigo week of action currently underway urging ICE to free both men and halt their deportations.

You can help keep up the pressure to reunite Hugo and Rodrigo with their families with two simple gestures:

1) Make a call to the San Francisco ICE field office to demand that Director David Jennings use his prosecutorial dissertation and release Hugo and Rodrigo now.

2) Encourage your friends and family to do the same.


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Nearly 70 Percent of Trump’s Picks for Top Administration Jobs Have Corporate Ties

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:06
Public Citizen

President Donald Trump has packed his administration with corporate executives, corporate lawyers, corporate lobbyists and corporate consultants, directly contradicting his pledge to upend the “failed and corrupt” political establishment, according to a new report issued today by Public Citizen.

The Public Citizen analysis of 115 sub-Cabinet officials nominated or announced by the White House reveals extensive ties to corporate America.

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Permanently Closed U.S. Nuclear Reactor Should Be "Autopsied"

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:04
Beyond Nuclear

A permanently closed nuclear reactor in Florida that, documents show, likely has a manufactured weakness in a vital safety component produced by a controversial French forge that also supplied components to 17  still operating U.S. reactors, should be “autopsied,” says Beyond Nuclear, a leading national anti-nuclear watchdog group.

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House Logging Bill (HR 2936) Guts Federal Environmental Laws, Literally Privatizes Public Lands, Creates Logging Free-for-All

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:03
Western Environmental Law Center

Tomorrow, the U.S. House of Representatives begins its consideration of HR 2936, known as the Westerman Bill after its author, Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-AR). The bill contains a cornucopia of loopholes, exemptions and categorical exclusions for environmental, judicial, and public review; and, incredibly, gives away public lands to adjacent private landowners.

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Trudeau Breaks Another Election Promise Leaving 99% of Lakes and Rivers Unprotected in Canada, says Council of Canadians

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 16:00
Council of CanadiansThe Council of Canadians is condemning the Trudeau government’s response to the review on the Navigation Protection Act and its announcement that it will leave 99% of waterways unprotected in Canada. This move breaks the Liberal promise to restore protections lost when the Navigable Waters Protection Act was eliminated by the Harper government.  
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Biggest Banks Fueling Climate Disaster With Billions Poured Into 'Extreme Fossil Fuels'

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 15:52
Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Threatening a climate-stable planet, the world's biggest banks are continuing business-as-usual by continuing to provide funding for "extreme fossil fuels."

So finds the latest Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card—produced by Rainforest Action Network, BankTrack, Sierra Club, and Oil Change International—which defines the "extreme" sources as tar sands, Arctic oil, ultra-deepwater oil, coal mining, coal power, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports.

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Senators Drafting Secret Health Care Bill Backed by Insurance and Pharma Campaign Money

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 15:18

The small group of senators secretly crafting a bill to eliminate the Affordable Care Act collected an average of $214,000 in campaign contributions from health insurance and pharmaceutical industries between November 2010 and November 2016 - nearly double the amount received by colleagues excluded from the process, according to a MapLight analysis.

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Closing Democracy’s Doors Until the People Open Them

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 14:55
Ralph Nader

In 2006 a book was published called Losing Our Democracy by civic leader, Mark Green. His 21st book, it was the usual Mark Green brand of meticulous research with memorable examples. One would have thought such an important subject would have received wide coverage and circulation. In fact, it was almost completely ignored by reviewers and the media interviewers. In 2017, the danger of having the door shut on the practice of democracy by its citizens is more important than at any other time in recent history.

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ACLU Sues DC Police for Attempts to 'Chill' Dissent on Inauguration Day

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 14:52
Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid a nationwide crackdown on dissent by President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Wednesday filed a lawsuit (pdf) against the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department alleging officers violated the rights of protestors and journalists attending Trump's inauguration in January.

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In Light of Stalled Risk Analysis Study, Food & Water Watch Condemns Interim Use of Line 5

Common Dreams - Wed, 06/21/2017 - 14:36
Food & Water Watch

““Months ago, Food & Water Watch along with Oil & Water Don’t Mix (OWMD) raised questions to state officials, flagging the deeply entrenched conflict of interests at play in the Line 5 risk analysis. Attorney General Bill Schuette terminating DNV GL just one week before the risk analysis is due can mean only one thing: the state intends to utilize Line 5, despite the known and unknown risks, for at least one more year until a proper risk analysis study can be completed. 

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