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APEN empowers low-income Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities to achieve environmental and social justice.
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Take action against displacement in Oakland!

Thu, 06/08/2017 - 14:59

Tell the City to put their money where their mouth is

Now is the time to tell Oakland City Council to put their money where their mouths are. Oakland is at the height of gentrification and displacement. Market-rate development is pushing long-term residents out of our homes; jobs aren’t paying nearly enough to match the cost of living, and every day, we see more and more tents popping up as the number of houseless people grows. When over 12,000 seniors and families are applying for 71 units of affordable housing and our immigrant members forced to leave their communities month after month, it is clear that the City is not doing enough.

We need you to call your Councilmember and tell them:

It’s time to fund proven anti-displacement and homeless prevention strategies: counseling, legal services, and emergency housing funds. I need you to ensure that all of ReFund Oakland Coalition’s Budget Priorities are included in the final budget.

Council President Larry Reid (District 7) 510-238-7529 CM Dan Kalb (District 1) 510-238-7001 CM Abel Guillen (District 2) 510-238-7002 CM Lynette McElhaney,(District 3) 510-238-7003 CM Annie Campbell-Washington (District 4) 510-238-7004 CM Noel Gallo (District 5) 510-238-7005 CM Desley Brooks (District 6) 510-238-7006 CM Rebecca Kaplan (At-Large) 510-238-7308

Last year, with over 30 volunteers and thousands of signatures and phone calls, we passed Measure JJ: Protect Oakland Renters. What we need to make these protections real is funding for frontline housing defenders—housing counselors and lawyers—as well as emergency housing funds to help cover residents’ rent during a financial set-back or for security deposit.

Support the ReFund Oakland Coalition’s Community-Labor Budget Proposal by signing this petition:

An ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure: it costs $500 to keep a family in their home versus $500,000 to build a new housing unit or $100,000/person to provide homeless wrap-around services, and most of all, we can prevent human suffering and trauma from losing one’s home and slipping into homelessness or displacement.

We are calling on the City to truly reinvest in our communities. The Mayor and City Council need to redirect money from the budget items that criminalize our residents and reinvest that funding back into public services. They need to push developers to create housing and jobs that will actually benefit long-time Oakland residents and address the houselessness crisis. Instead, the Mayor and City Council want to fill budget gaps by selling public lands to build luxury housing.

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Richmond wins strongest refinery rule in the world

Thu, 06/01/2017 - 14:19

After 3 long years of organizing, our members and allies won caps on refinery pollution!

On the same day Trump pulls our country out of the Paris Climate agreement, our members and allies lead the world with our historic victory. Because of our organizing and the boldness of our members to raise their voices, Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) passed a motion that adopts Greenhouse Gas (GHG) caps–a historic cap on refinery pollution! Bay Area refineries will not be able to bring Tar Sands or other extreme and heavy crudes. We will all breathe easier with healthier and cleaner air. We will protect our bodies and our planet.

This cap puts us on a path to winning the strongest and most ambitious caps on refinery pollution in the world. The leadership of our Richmond members and partners, on the frontlines of poverty, racism, and refinery pollution, has made all the difference.

Our work is not done yet–in September, we’ll make sure that BAAQMD approves rules capping Particulate Matter and Toxic Air Contaminants. Stay Tuned!

For more background on this victory and to hear from our members, check out this story on KPFA: Historic vote could freeze Bay Area refinery emissions levels


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