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Students, Wisconsin Working Families Party win big in Milwaukee; statewide education elections

Fri, 04/28/2017 - 14:00

Wisconsin Working Families Party’s Marina Dimitrijevic with Tony Baez on election night.

Wisconsin Working Families swept the Milwaukee Board of School Directors election, beating candidates promoted by corporate operators and creating a pro-public education majority. WIWFP worked for months to create and elect a slate of public school champions –particularly activist Tony Baez — who will advocate for more resources for the school system and fight off unaccountable voucher expansion. Working Families also supported Tony Evers in his successful run for a third term as the state’s superintendent of public instruction. Education guru Diane Ravitch blogged about the wins, writing,”RESISTANCE! It works, especially at the ballot box.”

A Milwaukee Journal Sentinel analysis piece credits Wisconsin WFP for the strategy behind the wins and our long game. “The goal is to nurture farm teams of candidates who can advocate for public schools and other issues, such as increases to the minimum wage, and who can eventually challenge Republicans for state and national office. But the short-term impact may be most immediate in Milwaukee and Racine, where in just over a year, the boards that oversee the districts that collectively educate almost 100,000 students have shifted to include a majority of members aligned with the perspective of Working Families.”


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WFP Endorses Chokwe Antar Lumumba for Mayor of Jackson

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 18:35

The Working Families Party is proud to endorse Chokwe Antar Lumumba in the race for Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi!

Read the report in the Jackson Free Press:

WFP National Director Dan Cantor said: “Our nation will only change from the grassroots up. That change can begin in Jackson. Chokwe Antar Lumumba is an inspiring candidate running an inspiring campaign built on the belief that a city must truly serve all its people. We’re already hard at work to help him win so that the city of Jackson can realize that vision.”

“The Working Families Party fights for justice and opportunities for every community, and I’m proud to have earned their support,” Lumumba said.

Working Families Party organizers are on the ground recruiting volunteer and paid canvassers to knock on thousands of doors to get out the vote for Lumumba on May 2nd. Learn more about his campaign here.


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Joshua Hall Becomes First CTWFP Candidate to Win State House Election

Tue, 04/25/2017 - 21:08

Working Families Party candidate Joshua Hall has been elected to a State House seat, marking the second time a WFP-only candidate is elected to a state legislature in the CT. (Ed Gomes was the first in 2015)

Joshua Hall Becomes First Working Families Party Candidate to Win State House Election

Joshua Hall Wins in Historically Democratic Stronghold

Working Families: We can help you win and we can also help you lose

Hartford – With five polls and absentee votes reporting in the 7th State House District, Joshua Hall has won the election with approximately 625 votes. The endorsed Democrat Rickey Pinckney received 512 votes and petitioning candidate Kenneth Green, a former Democratic State Representative, received 367 votes.

Joshua Hall, Vice President of Hartford Federation of Teachers:

“I’d like to thank all the candidates for running a competitive race focused on issues that Hartford voters really care about. And I especially want to thank voters and our union brothers and sisters for the outpouring of support they’ve given me throughout this race.”

“The 7th district made it clear tonight that they’re not satisfied with the direction that our economy and state are moving towards. They’re concerned about the quality of education in our schools, having good jobs and vibrant neighborhoods, and making sure that we have a just budget that strengthens their ability to earn a good living and care for their families. That starts with eliminating backdoor tax increases on working families and setting budget policy that generates revenue without harmful cuts.”

“I look forward to working with Democratic and Republican legislators, and representing my constituents as we work to fix our budget in a way that is fair for hard working taxpayers.”

Hall’s victory marks the first time that an independent Working Families Party (WFP) candidate wins a State House election, and the second time a WFP candidate wins a legislative seat in Connecticut. Ed Gomes was the first WFP candidate to win a State Senate seat in a 2015 special election. Prior to 2015, the last time an independent party candidate won a legislative seat was in 1938.

Lindsay Farrell, Executive Director of the CT Working Families Party:

“The Working Families Party congratulates Joshua Hall on a hard fought victory, and thanks him for his hard work on the campaign and deep commitment to the residents of the 7th district.”

“Joshua ran a campaign that all North End voters can be proud of and the results show it. He’s a lifelong 7th district resident. It’s communities like his where the harm created by bad budget policies is usually felt first and deepest. Joshua has been fighting for the 7th his whole life. Voters know that and they know that he stands for working families. As a public school teacher, he’s seen first hand how education cuts have hurt students and families in his district. His connection to the community, record of hard work and strong progressive vision is what motivated voters to come out and vote for him on a rainy day. He’ll bring fresh, new leadership to the 7th and will be a great State Representative.”

“Joshua Hall’s victory comes at a time when more strong, progressive leaders are sorely needed in Hartford and in our state. The city is in fiscal crisis and without state help, Hartford residents will be hurt by deep cuts, the effects of which will resonate across the region. The health of Hartford’s economy affects our entire state, making it critical that legislators step up and find progressive economic solutions that help families thrive and bolster our economy. Joshua gets this and so did voters today.”

“With budget negotiations underway, his election could not come any sooner. His voice at the Capitol will be a welcomed addition to the growing list of legislators fighting hard for fair and sustainable budget solutions that generate revenue for our state and creates jobs. He’s not afraid to go against the grain at the Capitol. He’s a fighter.”

“Joshua’s victory today is further proof of the growing appetite among voters for progressive reform, budget justice and fair taxation. Despite all the doom and gloom, voters in the 7th have demonstrated their support for tax reform and a fair budget proposal that doesn’t shift the state’s economic burden onto lower and middle income families struggling to stay afloat.”

“In a city with arguably the strongest party machine in the state, tonight’s results show that the WFP can help you win and we can also help you lose.”


The Connecticut Working Families Party is a grassroots political organization that fights for economic and racial justice. The WFP is training and electing the next generation of progressive leaders to office, and fighting for and winning public policies that make a difference in the lives of working people, from raising the minimum wage to increasing funding for public education, to combating climate change, to reforming policing practices and diminishing the influence of big money in politics.

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NYWFP Leaders Announce Four Endorsements in NYC City Council Races

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 17:18
The New York City Advisory Council of the Working Families Party has voted to endorse four candidates in the party’s first round of city council endorsements: Carlina Rivera (District 2), Marjorie Velazquez (District 13), Diana Ayala (District 8), and Alicka Ampry-Samuel (District 41). The four are all progressive women of color running for open seats in contested Council races this fall.

Read more in the New York Daily News:

The progressive party is backing Carlina Rivera for the seat in Manhattan currently held by Rose Mendez; Marjorie Velazquez for a seat in the Bronx currently held by James Vacca; Diana Ayala for the upper Manhattan and Bronx district represented by Council Speaker Melissa-Mark-Viverito and Alicka Ampry-Samuel for Darlene Mealy’s seat in Brooklyn. The members representing those districts now are term-limited and cannot run again.

“The Working Families Party is thrilled to support these four progressive leaders in their races for City Council,” Juan Antigua, the city political director for the WFP, said in a statement. “At a time when the Trump regime is directly targeting the rights and lives of New York’s working families — singling out communities of color, immigrants, and women in particular — these four women epitomize the values that New Yorkers hold dear.”

The labor-backed third party noted all of the pols they’re endorsing are “progressive women of color.”

There are only 13 women in the 51-member council — and there’s been concern the numbers could drop as term limits prohibit several of those women from running again.


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Earned Sick Leave Finally Passes MD General Assembly!

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 11:27

This fight is still not over, but this is a major victory*

We made history this session! After five years of fighting for the 750,000 Marylanders unable to earn a single paid sick day, House Bill 1 – The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act is on its way to Governor Hogan’s desk. Our state has the opportunity to protect Marylanders who face impossible choices between their health and their family, all because they aren’t able to earn a single paid sick day.

Advocates and legislators united on Lawyers Mall to celebrate the historic vote. Our fearless co-sponsors Senator Mac Middleton (Charles County) and Delegate Luke Clippinger graciously thanked all the advocates for our tireless efforts to pass HB 1. “The burden of illness should not be compounded by the burden of poverty,” said Delegate Clippinger. After years of debate and compromise, said Clippinger, HB1 is “common sense” and “ready to be signed into law. We call upon the Governor to sign this bill.”

Senator Middleton proudly exclaimed, “we’ve come a long way, baby!” and stated that HB 1 is “probably the most important piece of legislation [the legislature has] done this year.”



In order to make the Healthy Working Families Act the law of the land, Governor Hogan must allow the bill to become law. If he doesn’t, we’ll have to wait until next January for a veto override vote to take place. That’s 10 more months Maryland families will have to wait before they will have the security of earned paid sick days guaranteed by law.

Please contact Governor Hogan today and urge him to sign HB1 when it hits his desk, and tell your friends to do the same! The more people who make their voices heard, the closer we’ll be to ensuring earned paid sick days for Maryland families.

Call Governor Hogan: 410-974-3901

Email the Governor’s office:

Sign the petition urging Governor Hogan to sign HB1:

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WFP Nominee for Hartford State Representative Joshua Hall Qualifies for CEP, April 25th Election

Mon, 04/10/2017 - 09:49


— Hartford State Representative 7th District Special Election on April 25 — WFP Nominee Joshua Hall Campaign Qualifies for Citizen’s Election Program

Hartford – The Working Families Party candidate Joshua Hall has qualified for a partial grant under the Citizen’s Election Program (CEP), Connecticut’s clean campaign financing system.  The campaign reported raising $5,515 from 206 individual donors, an average of $26 per donor. 150 contributors reside in Hartford. The qualifying funds were raised in a less than three weeks, and far surpass the amount needed for public financing in this race. To qualify in a special election, a candidate for State Representative must raise a minimum of $3,850 in amounts ranging from $5 to $100 and a minimum of 114 contributors who reside in Hartford.

Since Josh is running on the Working Families Party line, he needs additionally to collect at least 600 verified petition signatures to qualify for a CEP grant. The campaign has met this requirement, signaling the appetite in the district for leadership who is active in the community.

Joshua Hall, Vice President of Hartford Federation of Teachers: “Voters in the 7th want someone they know is willing to roll up their sleeves and be active in the community. I’ve been in the district all my life, working shoulder to shoulder with students and parents, fighting for workers through my union, and speaking out against policies that would hurt Hartford. I’ve dedicated my whole career making life better for Hartford’s residents and plan to keep doing just that as the state representative.”

Lindsay Farrell, State Director of CT Working Families Party: “Joshua is running for all the right reasons. He gets it done and has the record to show it. Josh could have raised money without the support of the community – with PAC checks and large donations from folks with deep pockets. But Josh has always worked closely with the community and he’s never been shy about doing the hard work, and we are proud of him for doing so again to raise a clean election grant in this race.”

Joshua‘s fought hard for Hartford’s schools and communities  — and won. He has helped stop the state from closing down Hartford’s schools; started career-oriented job training programs to prepare and mentor local youth to find good paying jobs; increased teacher diversity in our school system; raised $2.5 mil for public schools; fought school privatization. And Joshua Hall, a 7th district native and Norfolk State University graduate, served Hartford as a public school teacher for 12 years at Weaver High.  He is current Vice President of the Hartford Federation of Teachers, and lives in Blue Hills with his wife, Timcia, and two sons.

The Working Families Party endorsement comes with strong grassroots field support, candidate training and strategic campaign support. All candidates are carefully vetted to ensure that they reflect the views and goals of Working Families’ members. Recent polling affirmed Working Families’ members vote for candidates who will fight hard for economic justice, tax fairness, fair wages and workers’ benefits. They also want affordable healthcare, strong public education system and immigration reform.

In a 2015 special election, Working Families Party supported Ed Gomes for state senate in the 23rd district after the Democratic Party failed to nominate a candidate reflective of the community’s values. Gomes won that election, becoming the first third-party legislator elected in almost a century in Connecticut.

In the last election, the Connecticut Working Families Party garnered its strongest showing to date having received – for the first time – over 5% of the vote on its line for U.S. Senate. Approximately 87,948 votes were cast for Richard Blumenthal under the Working Families Party ballot line.

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Saving Obamacare

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 16:34

“Obamacare is the law of the land. We’re going to be living with Obamacare for the foreseeable future.” –House Speaker Paul Ryan

On Friday March 24, 2017, the resistance movement enjoyed another major win against the Trump administration by saving the Affordable Care Act (ACA). After 7 years of vowing to repeal the ACA and promising to introduce their own plan, Congressional Republicans failed on those promises. The American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) that the GOP put on the table as the repeal and replace option to the ACA failed to get enough support. After the House delayed a vote on Thursday March 23, Trump demanded a vote, giving the ultimatum that if they did not vote, that this would be their last chance to repeal the ACA and that he would leave it in place. The threats were unsuccessful. Criticized as too lenient by the far-right Tea Party Freedom Caucus while being deemed too radical by moderate Republicans who feared repercussions at the ballot box, the bill was pulled because they could not muster up enough votes to pass it.

Public pressure on Members of Congress has been key in this victory. New Jersey Working Families Alliance, in coalition with Citizens Action and other groups, held health care “stakeouts” at the offices of the state’s congressional delegation to protest Trumpcare. They even delivered an ACA birthday cake to Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen who seemed to have trouble deciding his position on the American Health Care Act.

We think @USRepRodney should remember what happened last time cake was mentioned in a revolution. @nj11forchange

— NJ Working Families (@NJWFA) March 24, 2017

Working Families Party Communications Director Joe Dinkin made the following statement in response to the failure of Trumpcare to receive a vote in the House today:

“The defeat of Trumpcare is a victory for millions of Americans who will keep their health care, and also for a massive resistance movement that would not give an inch to Trump. The far right will no doubt try this again, and we will organize against and defeat every single attempt to strip away health care.

“Trump promised he would make healthcare better and cheaper, but it was a massive con from the start. Trumpcare was a naked attempt to siphon billions of dollars into the pockets of the richest, paid for by stealing health care away from 24 million Americans. That’s why today’s vote fell apart.

“The American people do indeed deserve a better and more affordable health care system, and progressives have a real solution to offer: a Medicare for all system to guarantee affordable health care for every single person.”

Since Election Day, the Working Families Party has mobilized grassroots resistance to Trump with its #ResistTrumpTuesdays campaign. Tens of thousands of people have participated in more than 750 #ResistTrumpTuesdays protests at congressional offices, which are “quickly becoming a staple of this charged moment,” according to CNN. With our persistence and diligence, we look forward to continued success in stopping Trump’s agenda.

Our thanks and congratulations go out to everyone who has taken action in the resistance movement.

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Yes We Can Columbus joins the Working Families Party

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 15:20

We are excited to announce that Yes We Can Columbus (YWCC) is now an affiliate of the Working Families Party. The Ohio based group is a progressive organization that is focused on moving their local government to equalize opportunities for all citizens in an effort to combat income and educational inequalities among the various neighborhoods of Columbus. Recognizing the worth of all of the city’s communities, their mission statement is one of inclusion, fairness, and opportunity — with working families at the forefront of their vision.

YWCC shares the core values of the Working Families Party. We believe that the government works for and is accountable to everyone despite our disparities, and work to insure that everyone is treated fairly and equitably based on our mutual connection as Americans. In an article from the Columbus Dispatch, YWCC spokeswoman, Madeline Stocker, states “joining WFP means we’re part of a bigger movement of progressives all around the nation who are ready to take the electoral process into our own hands and transform the nation, city by city, town by town, so that our economy and our democracy really work for all working families.”

The Working Families Party will support YWCC by backing Working Families Democrats who will advance our values and challenge corporate Democrats in primaries. Currently, YWCC is endorsing three progressive Democrats in their upcoming May 2 primary: Abby Vaile for the Columbus City Schools Board of Education and Will Petrik and Jasmine Ayres for the Columbus City Council. All three are working to rectify income inequality and its manifestations.

We welcome YWCC in becoming an affiliate of the Working Families Party to promote a progressive agenda across the nation.

For more information on this important organization, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
You can donate to support YWCC here.

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